A New Name
Backed by 45 years of Experience
Protect Your Castle
With top-notch fire alarm installation and monitoring for your home or office
Protect your People
With our custom-designed installation and monitoring at home or at work
Specialty Installations
From custom sound to home automation, we’ve got you covered

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Security and Fire Integrations

Our name is new, but with over 100 years of combined experience serving the area, we offer quality customer service, professional installation, 24-hour service, and total attention to detail. We specialize in Industrial and Residential Fire and Security systems and monitoring, and are your source for all your home and office alarm and automation needs.



Don’t wait until it’s too late. Fire systems and monitoring for your home or office


Peace of mind. Security systems and monitoring for your home or workplace


Phone & data cabling for your home, office or workplace

Fire Inspection Services
You Can Count On

NFPA 72-Compliant Inspections for Your Site


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Day and Night

Built on Service for over 45 Years.