Security Systems, Cameras & Access Control

We have decades of experience in protecting Hampden and Hampshire counties with residential and commercial security systems. From design to installation to monitoring, we take care of keeping what you value safe and secure.


Security Systems

Our systems feature sensors around the property to protect the perimeter, monitoring to ensure help comes when it’s needed, and even personal security devices for when you’re away from home or the office.

Our certified pros create systems that meet and exceed building codes, cover the legal bases, and follow insurance guidelines.

We install systems for every need: Stand-alone systems. Internet-connected systems. Professionally monitored systems. Whatever your budget may be, your home or commercial space will be protected.


Camera Systems

Camera systems are more than just a supplement to your commercial or residential security system. We work with you to create coverage and monitoring plans that meet your needs.

Commercial systems can be designed to focus on perimeter security, loss prevention, and/or employee conduct.

Home systems can help you see who’s at the door when you’re home or away, or just help you keep an eye on Fido.

Being able to keep an eye on your property no matter where you are is the ultimate in peace of mind.


Commercial Access Control

Our commercial access control systems take the key to the front door to a whole different level.

Systems we install use technologies ranging from key cards to biometrics, enabling you to know the who, when, and where of everyone entering and leaving your facilities.

Our systems are easy-to-use, both for you and for your employees. You’re able to establish the exact parameters you want, all the way down to individual rules for each keyholder, keeping your employees safe and happy.

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